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The Partnership will influence and adopt positions on matters of public interest, and will seek to access new funding opportunities. Members of the Partnership will take accountability for these decisions to the wider community and with due diligence. The Steering Group have adopted a set of principles - based on the Nolan principles for public life - to guide its actions, and promote public confidence in its actions. 


Partners should take decisions and serve only in the public interest and not for private gain.

Integrity and Honesty

Partners should not place themselves in any situation where their integrity may be questioned, or place themselves under improper influence in the course of their duties. This includes the declaration of relevant private interests.


Partners should make decisions based solely on merit.


Partners should be accountable to the public for their actions, decisions, and the manner in which they carry out their partnership duties. They should co-operate fully with any scrutiny appropriate to their role in the Partnership.

Transparency and Accessibility

Partners will ensure that information relating to their work with the Partnership is available to the public, and will work to make this information as accessible as possible.

Openness and Personal Judgement

Partners should be prepared to be as open as possible whilst taking into account the wider public interest. They should also have the freedom to make and justify personal judgements based on available evidence.

Respect and Equality

Partners should actively promote equality and act in an anti-discriminatory manner.


Partners should nurture and promote the successful development of the Partnership, ensuring that it applies its resources appropriately and operates in accordance with the law.


Partners should promote and support these principles by example, and act in a way that preserves public confidence.

These principles apply to all partners when acting on behalf of the Partnership or while on Partnership business.